Event Booking Information


$200/ hour (2 Hour minimum)
$100/hour (per additional hour)
$300/hour (Holiday Hours)


$350/hour (2 Hour minimum)

$150/hour (per additional hour)

$450/hour (Out of Town Holiday Hours)

Members Lounge Reservation

$250/hour (2 Hour minimum)

$125/hour (per additional hour)

$400/hour (3 Hours MIN; Weekends)

Entire Lounge

$800/hour (2 Hours MIN; Weekdays Only)

$500/hour (per additional hour Weekdays Only)

$1000/hour (2 Hour MIN;Weekends Only)

$500/hour (per additional hour Weekends Only)

*Hourly Fees are added to the cost of cigars that you choose for your event

*Renting the Lounge DOES NOT come with cigars or alcoholic beverages

Over 35 miles, fuel surcharge added

Over 150 miles, lodging surcharge added

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