Kaizad Hansotia from Gurkha in hot water. The flamboyant Gurkha Cigars owner is an outspoken supporter of President Trump. His Facebook timeline was full of links and memes with support for the president. But Hansotia deleted his Facebook after creating an uproar within the online cigar community.


In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, Hansotia went to Facebook and posted “why do black lives only matter when killed by whites. Shouldn’t their lives matter when killed by other black people too.”. To add insult to injury, Hansotia than shared a meme by the apparel brand Heroic Outfitters about George Floyd’s criminal past. Heroic Outfitters Facebook page, by the way, is filled with right-winged memes and rhetorics.

Ministry of Cigars - Kaizad Hantosia from Gurkha in hot water
Ministry of Cigars - Kaizad Hantosia from Gurkha in hot water

Screenshots from Hansotia’s Facebook posts were shared in many of the Facebook cigar groups. That caused public outrage. Hansotia’s Facebook page is no longer visible.


The Krimson Society, a membership society exclusive to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, called for a boycott of Gurkha, amongst other companies that shared the same rhetorics. 

“It makes no sense to recount the series of tragic events that have placed our country in another moment of racial tension and upheaval. From Amaud Abuery, Brionna Taylor to George Floyd. The events that we have borne witness to continue to serve as a sobering reminder of the work we as Americans must continue to do to value and improve the lives of its Black citizens. With that said, there are still those companies and individuals, who have stated their vocal opposition to such efforts. This has been exemplified in instances of several cigar and spirits companies and owners publishing racially insensitive and inflammatory social media posts. We, the Krimson Society, say enough is enough.

Let it be known that the Krimson Society, comprised of a membership of 20,000 African American and Latino men, representing every profession including cigar lounges, retail stores, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants; will be boycotting all cigar lines and spirits brands that promote such racial insensitivity. In addition, we will be taking the following actions: 

1. Mobilizing with all African American cigar and spirit societies throughout the country to create a national boycott list.

2. Sending letters to all major cigar distributors, retailers, and lounges and liquor distributors, in areas with a significant African American demographic, to discontinue sales of your products.

3. Send press releases to all trade and news media on social media posts found to be racially inflammatory.

We will begin the process to take these three actions effective immediately.

To be clear, no product is worth sacrificing the value and meaning of life. None. Therefore, to all companies that are either openly defiant or disrespectful to the current movement at hand, we say to you: If our Black Lives do not matter to you then your products do not matter to us. 

PS: @gurkhacigars #americanbarrels you are both officially put on notice

The Krimson Society on Instagram
Ministry of Cigars - Kaizad Hansotia from Gurkha in hot water

It is without a doubt that Gurkha Cigars will hurt. A large part of the cigar community will now boycott the brand. And not only cigar smokers, but many tobacconists, especially the black-owned retailers will stop supporting Gurkha. 


The official Gurkha Facebook page stated a message “To our Gurkha Nation: Kaizad Hansotia, owner of Gurkha Cigars, had erroneous posts on his private Facebook account. We believe the account was hacked, and it has since been deleted. The posts made in no way reflect the beliefs of this company.” Considering the fact that Hansotia has been posting pro-President Trump memes, right-winged propaganda, and (often already debunked) conspiracy theories, this statement won’t be believed by many people. The comments underneath the message are pretty clear about that.

And even if the hacker story is true, Gurkha should have come with a stronger statement, supporting the black community in their fight for equality and a fair justice system. To Gurkha, we would like to say #blacklivesmatter. As a result of Hansotia’s comments and Gurkha’s weak response, Ministry of Cigars has decided to pull the scheduled Gurkha Marquesa review that was planned for next week. Until Hansotia and Gurkha own up to their actions, no other Gurkha cigars will be reviewed.

This behavior is not tolerated in an industry where we call ourselves BOTL and SOTL. We will suspend contacts with Gurkha and will no longer sell their products on our website or our Brick and Mortar location.

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  1. I like what you guys are up also. Such smart work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my site 🙂

  2. John Osborne

    This is bullshit. BLM is a socialist movement that is using racist narratives to further a socialist agenda. Obviously Black Lives Matter, however the man is right… How often do you hear about black on black crime? How often does BLM say to their own community that their own lives matter. I’m gonna go out of my way to smoke Gurkha cigars now because they’re not only tasty, the owner speaks truth against these socialist racists!

    1. Lee

      Couldn’t agree more. I unequivocally support the ideal that all lives matter. I am an elder member of my community and throughout my whole life I have witnessed society to be so upset when whites kill blacks, yet there is no outward discussion about blacks killing blacks. People killing people IS ALWAYS BAD!!! There remains today a remarkable double standard where no one other than blacks can criticize black behavior. Set color aside. Be human. BE HUMAN. Embrace the reality that we are all related. Period. We must stand up for those who have wronged. Race should be a secondary issue. I will continue to smoke Gurkha cigars. I enjoy them. There are many people whose livelihoods depend upon the product. It’s a good product. It is outside the realm of our narrow little minds. Enjoy your smoke. Share with a stranger. Respect.

  3. JC

    Sitting around my firepit smoking a what is my last Gurka as I stumbled across these comments.
    Done with Gurkha! Really have hard time understanding the thinking of people that think like this BLM is a focus statement, does not not distinguish acceptance of any loss of unnecessary black life.

  4. S Lopes

    I’m only smoking Gurkhas for now on…. Every single person matters no matter age, sex, race, religion, etc… once society realizes that, the world will be a much better place… I’m not smoking Gurkhas because of the statement, I’m smoking them because they taste great.

  5. Aaron Vaughn

    I’m super late to the party but let me say this.; as a black man I am very concerned and sometimes confused about how our community acts as a whole when it comes to accountability towards black on black crime. We seem to get upset when people bring it up. This makes no sense to me. However, I am totally against far right wing racist, ideology, and commentary.

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